No journey to Cuba is complete without a rich cup of coffee, which is why we included a subtle note of it in our new, Havana-inspired fragrance, Añoranza

And it’s not just any note. Keep reading to learn more about it…

To create Añoranza, we worked with our partners at MANE, who supply the ingredients we use in our fragrances. After we described what we were aiming for with this scent, perfumer Gino Percontino understood immediately that it should mimic the perfect day in Havana. That day would begin, of course, with a tasty cup of joe, which is why there’s a very subtle hint of it at the very top of the fragrance.

To create it, we used a special ingredient called Coffee Pure Jungle Essence, which contains the vibrant aroma of dark-roasted, freshly ground Arabica coffee beans. MANE creates it using a clean, environmentally-friendly process, which uses a 100% natural solvent to extract coffee that has been ethically sourced from Colombia and Ethiopia.

From there, the scent is tweaked from batch to batch, but the overall effect is delicious and addictive, smoky and woody—much like a cup of coffee itself. The entire process is certified by the leading authorities at ECOCERT Greenlife, who ensure that the planet is not harmed by our quest for olfactive beauty. 

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