As you know, we make every effort to ensure our ingredients are responsibly sourced, and safe for your skin and for the planet we all call home.

That’s why we’re thrilled to tell you about the bourbon vetiver inside our newest scent, Añoranza. It’s an ultra-rare ingredient that essentially disappeared in the ‘80s. Basically, cheaper (if inferior) vetivers came along, and that was that.

But here’s the thing: Bourbon vetiver is resilient. It’s highly tolerant of droughts, an increasingly valuable thing in our era of global climate change. It also just smells better, possessing a rich leathery, smoky facet, one we are delighted to have help define our new scent. Best of all, it can be cultivated in poor soil, with little watering, which is why it’s had a huge impact on Madagascar since our sourcing partners reintroduced it there eight years ago.

Better for the planet. Better for farmers. Better for you. Yep, that sounds like an ingredient we want to use.