Less irritation. Less malodor. CBD oil is the secret weapon in our new deodorant.

And we know—you probably hear a lot about CBD these days. But ours isn’t just any cannabidiol. For starters, it’s organically and sustainably farmed and ethically sourced, right here in the US of A. This is in keeping with our larger mission to make conscious choices around everything we do, including how it might impact the environment. Keep reading to find out more.

Just as importantly, our CBD oil ensures our clean deodorant feels as good as it smells. CBD oil helps boost antimicrobial properties (in layman’s terms –  fighting the bacteria that causes stink) and antiinflammatory (so it soothes skin). If you have a baking soda sensitivity, you probably noticed we use it in our deodorant. But guess what? The CBD oil should help counteract that, so you can apply our deodorant with confidence.

None of this would matter if the rest of our ingredients weren’t of equally high integrity. We don’t use aluminum (which clogs your pores, a troubling thing when you consider sweating is how your body flushes out toxins). We don’t use toxins, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, talc, preservatives, gluten, or animal testing. Instead we use a vegan, plant-powered formula—every stick is powered by organic arrowroot powder, avocado butter, jojoba, plus the aforementioned baking soda and CBD oil.

Better for you. Better for skin. Better for the planet. Naturally. Try it today by getting a full stick for $20, or go big (and save 20%) by getting a three-pack with each of our stunning scents.

Better for you. Better for skin. Better for the planet.