Short for “modification”; refers to any trial iteration of a fragrance before its scent is finalized.

“This mod is bright and luminous, but is lacking depth. Let’s add more texture.”

Now, that we got that out of the way, allow us to explain what the Mod Squad is, and why it was critical in helping us make Améline as wonderful as it is.

As you might already know, every one of our scents begins with an idea—a real place and a real moment that the scent is meant to evoke. To help us articulate that idea, we give our perfumers a brief comprised of words, pictures, colors and songs that embody that idea. From there, a perfumer translates that brief into scent by creating mod after mod (after mod…) until it’s exactly right.

Suffice it to say that getting it right is an art and a science. The goal isn’t just to make something that smells amazing—that’s a given—it’s to make something that makes you feel transported to that moment in time, that original idea that inspired the brief. It’s not easy, and it’s one reason why we’re lucky to work with talented perfumers like Nathalie Benareau, not to mention our in-house scent advisor Anne Serrano-McClain.

But because what something feels like is obviously somewhat subjective, we decided that, for Améline, we would involve a few of our devoted fans. We called this group the Mod Squad, and, earlier this year, this top-secret team of scent enthusiasts helped us select which mods to consider for the final version of Améline.

Of course, launching a scent requires a certain veil of secrecy, so we referred to the fragrance as Scent X. (Clever, right?) We shared the overall brief, and sent two expertly crafted mods to each member of the Squad. Each Mod Squadder then provided feedback, and passed along words of wisdom they wanted to share.

We encouraged candor, and the results were indeed candid…ly positive. “Seriously love them both and want them to last forever,” one wrote. “It felt classic, warm, full-bodied, sophisticated, feminine, and sexy and strong. Not just an average floral, but something deeper and more interesting than that,” wrote another. People liked Scent X. They really, really liked it.

We also invited the Mod Squad to a video conference where they could talk all things fragrance with Nathalie, our founders, and Anne (our aforementioned advisor). The conversation was informative for all parties. (And based on the early reaction to Améline, it seems like the end result is a hit.)

Now that Scent X has become Améline, and Améline has made its way into the world, we are turning our eyes to our next scent. Naturally, we might need to enlist another Mod Squad to help us get it exactly right. Interested in joining? Drop us a line, and we’ll add you to the list for consideration.