Well, that was fast. 

We had never thought about making hand sanitizer before. But when we saw the massive need for it, we wanted to step in and help in any way we can. And naturally, we wanted to deliver a highly effective hand sanitizer that was made with clean ingredients and smelled amazing. We’re proud to report: We did it. You can pre-order it now.

One more interesting fact: Our hand sanitizer is plant-based. It also contains 72% alcohol (which is right within CDC guidelines). But some of you may be asking how we reconcile these things.  

Well, here’s a little science lesson. The alcohol we use for this is ethanol derived from corn or sugarcane. It then gets treated and becomes partly synthetic. It’s not entirely unlike how many of the boozy spirits in your favorite cocktail are derived from corn, wheat or juniper berries. Chances are, you can say your favorite quaran-tini is vegan! (But please, don’t use it as hand sanitizer.)

Keep clean. Stay safe.