We love our Redwood-inspired fragrance, Sandara, and it turns out you do, too—the scent has been one of our bestsellers since we introduced it last year. In fact, some of you even begged us (politely!) to turn it into something you could rub all over your body. Well, your wish, our command and all that: Sandara body wash and lotion are finally here, with the same meditative scent, crafted by the same amazing perfumer, Gino Percontino.

To find out how he did it, we… asked him how he did it. Keep reading to find out what he told us—including why he says Sandara is “sexy in a new way.”

P: How would you describe our Sandara body wash and lotion? How are they similar to the fragrance, how are they different?

Gino: They’re an extension of the fragrance, so you always want to capture all of the elements of the fragrance. Obviously, in a different medium, you have to develop differently. A lotion suppresses certain notes, so you have to pop certain notes.

P: Did you have to build up anything for Sandara?

G: In this instance, we had to pop even more than I thought. This one, we had to pop those sparkling green notes and the florals.

P: Well, it smells amazing—like the original, but still special all on its own. Do you get to road test the wash and lotion?

G: I always live with them. I love to wash with them. The reason why people buy the fragrance, there’s a certain element, and you want to capture that in all the ancillaries. It’s also a layering piece—it’s the afternoon, you don’t want to spray the fragrance, but you can put on a little lotion on to extend the scent.

P: They work well in combination.

G: It’s definitely warmer, because of the woods. We countered that by trying to balance it. Sometimes, you don’t see as much of the transition as you do in a perfume. When we were developing the lotion, we decided to push the green sparkling notes, the citrus, the florals. The woodsy notes are there, they’re the signature of the fragrance. But we wanted to boost up the others, too.

The good stuff.

P: How do you describe the scent itself?

G: I love Sandara because it is clearly a woody fragrance. It has so much going on when you add the floralcy, and the violet leaves, and these green notes, it gives a vibrancy to the fragrance that kind of takes sexy in a new way. It’s sexy but it’s still vibrant. Usually for me sexy fragrances are overly warm. This has a little more color to it. 

P: It’s sensual.

G: That might be the better word.

P: Ha. Well, thank you for your time, Gino.

G: Thank you.