Our tenth and newest fragrance, Añoranza, conjures the Havana of our dreams (and, we hope, yours), thanks to a pair of unique flowers, each of which embodies our Cuban inspiration in its own way. One is literally the national flower of Cuba. The other is an unusual jasmine that our perfumer discovered while trespassing in the Caribbean. (That’s a whole other story.) 

Keep reading to discover the amazing backstory behind these two special flowers.

Mariposa: Mariposa (top) might be the national flower of Cuba, but it originated in India. It’s an invasive species, which why some parts of the world consider it a pest. In Cuba, however, it’s a treasured part of the culture—offered to saints, and used to transport secret revolutionary messages during the Spanish colonial era. The scent is bright, with hints of citrus and ginger—the foundation of our own revolutionary fragrance. Fun fact: Our Havana-inspired scent has an accord that specifically matches mariposa flowers from Cuba.

Night-blooming jasmine, in its natural element.

Night-blooming jasmine: Flowers that bloom at night—it’s a thing. And such is the power of this particular scent that our perfumer once hopped the fence of a churchyard to get a better whiff. No wonder: It has a sweet, intoxicating scent that lingers like a treasured memory, and it’s a scent that can define any Caribbean excursion. Fun fact: It’s not actually a jasmine, but a jessamine, which is similar (but not identical!).

The magical scent of these flowers is woven throughout our new Añoranza fine fragrance, which you can experience today.