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This is where you’ll find our latest musings on all things fragrance. It’s where we’ll share (and, we hope, spread) our love of fragrance—and demystify our industry at the same time.

Related: Many of our first posts will be what we call Scent101. These will explain fragrance terms and concepts, from what defines an eau de parfum to what, exactly, are notes (and whether you should pay attention to them). We’ll also aim to clear up common misconceptions, like why you shouldn’t rub your wrists together like they do in the movies.

Other posts will keep you, erm, posted on our latest goings-on. That means providing some context for our most important decisions (like the one to publish our ingredients). That also means announcing our newest scents and products, and giving you a behind-the-scenes look at our creative process.

We’ll occasionally spotlight our many partners, from environmental organizations fighting to preserve our most precious resources to community service-minded groups in our hometown of Austin, Texas.

Finally, this will be a platform for our team to share what they’re grooving on, whether it’s a cool scent moment, a great new restaurant or a playlist that helped inspire one of our scents.

We hope you’ll share your thoughts with us as we go. One of our beliefs is that we should always be challenging ourselves to improve, so we welcome your constructive feedback. Please feel free to email me, our blog’s editor, at paul@phlur.com. I look forward to our journey together.